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Kanis JA buy isoniazid 300mg lowest price medications held before dialysis, Delmas P purchase isoniazid 300 mg with amex medications adhd, Burckhardt P, J Bone Miner Res 10:890–902 bral fractures in osteoporosis research. Black DM, Arden NK, Palermo L, Osteoporos Int 14 Suppl 3:S43–S55 lines for diagnosis and management of Pearson J, Cummings SR (1999) 13. The European Founda- Prevalent vertebral deformities predict Nevitt MC, Valentin RS, Black D, tion for Osteoporosis and Bone Dis- hip fractures and new vertebral defor- Cummings SR (1996) Comparison of ease. Katragadda CS, Fogel SR, Cohen G, Osteoporotic Fractures Research tive morphometric assessment of Wagner LK, Morgan C 3rd, Handel Group. J Bone Miner Res 14:821–828 prevalent and incident vertebral frac- SF, Amtey SR, Lester RG (1979) Digi- 3. The Study of Os- tal radiography using a computed to- Hudes E, Palermo L, Steiger P (1991) teoporotic Fractures Research Group. Radiology 133: A new approach to defining normal J Bone Miner Res 11:984–996 83–87 vertebral dimensions. Kiel D (1995) Assessing vertebral frac- Res 6:883–892 (1995) Vertebral fracture in osteoporo- tures. Radiology Research and Education tion Working Group on Vertebral Frac- Vertebral morphometry studies using Foundation, San Francisco tures. Kleerekoper M, Nelson DA (1992) Semin Nucl Med 27:276–290 Nevitt MC (1993) Vertebral fracture Vertebral fracture or vertebral defor- 5. Davis JW, Grove JS, Wasnich RD, assessment using a semiquantitative mity. Calcif Tissue Int 50:5–6 Ross PD (1999) Spatial relationships technique. Gold DT (2001) The nonskeletal con- BL (1994) Risk of hip fracture in 6. J Bone Ingersleben G, van de Langerijt L, Ca- Psychologic and social outcomes. Miner Res 9:599–605 hall DL (2001) Underdiagnosis of ver- Rheum Dis Clin North Am 27:255– 28. Lang T, Takada M, Gee R, Wu C, Li J, tebral fractures is a worldwide prob- 262 Hayashi-Clark C, Schoen S, March V, lem: The IMPACT Study. Grados F, Roux C, de Vernejoul MC, Genant HK (1997) A preliminary eval- Miner Res 16 Suppl. Ensrud KE, Nevitt MC, Palermo L, (2001) Comparison of four morphome- densitometry and vertebral morphome- Cauley JA, Griffith JM, Genant HK, tric definitions and a semiquantitative try. J Bone Miner Res 12:136–143 Black DM (1999) What proportion of consensus reading for assessing preva- 29. Leidig-Bruckner G, Genant HK, Minne incident morphometric vertebral frac- lent vertebral fractures. Osteoporos Int HW, Storm T, Thamsborg G, Bruckner tures are clinically diagnosed and vice 12:716–722 T, Sauer P, Schilling T, Soerensen OH, versa? Guermazi A, Mohr A, Grigorian M, Ziegler R (1994) Comparison of a semi- 8. Ensrud KE, Thompson DE, Cauley JA, Taouli B, Genant HK (2002) Identifi- quantitative and a quantitative method Nevitt MC, Kado DM, Hochberg MC, cation of vertebral fractures in osteo- for assessing vertebral fractures in os- Santora AC 2nd, Black DM (2000) porosis. Osteoporos Int 4:154–161 Prevalent vertebral deformities predict 6:241–252 30. McCloskey EV, Spector TD, Eyres mortality and hospitalization in older 19. Expert-XL S, Kanis JA (1993) The assessment of Intervention Trial Research Group. Osteoporos Int Osteoporos Int 3:138–147 Rundle AC, Cauley JA, Cummings SR, 6:79 31. Melton LJ III, Kan SH, Frye MA, Genant HK (1992) Contribution of ver- 20. The Study of Osteo- nite osteoporosis: comparison of bone tures in women. Jergas M, Lang TF, Fuerst T (1995) bral fractures predict subsequent frac- fractures.

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Bagur A buy discount isoniazid 300mg line medicine qvar inhaler, Solis F purchase isoniazid 300 mg on-line symptoms ear infection, Di Gregorio S, et al (1996) Randomised trial of ef- Osteoporos Int 11:556–561 Mautalen C (2000) Reference data of fect of alendronate on risk of fracture 12. Cauley JA, Norton L, Lippman ME, vertebral morphometry by X-ray ab- in women with existing vertebral et al (2001) Continued breast cancer sorptiometry (MXA) in Argentine fractures. Bianco AC, Malvestiti LF, Gouveia trial to compare the efficacy of teri- 13. Chausmer AB (2001) Bone density CH, Wehba S, Lewin S, Marone MM paratide [recombinant human parathy- measurement techniques in the diag- (1999) Morphometric dual-energy roid hormone (1–34)] with alen- nosis and management of osteoporosi. X-ray absorptiometry of the spine: dronate in postmenopausal women J S C Med Assoc 97:106–110 report of a large series and correlation with osteoporosis. Carter DR, Hayes WC (1977) The compressive behavior of bone as a two-phase porous structure J Bone Joint Surg Am 59:954–962 70 14. Gonnelli S, Cepollaro C, Montagnani et al (2000) Effects of alendronate on al (1999) Reduction of vertebral frac- A, et al (2003) Alendronate treatment bone quality and remodeling in gluco- ture risk in postmenopausal women in men with primary osteoporosis: a corticoid-induced osteoporosis: a his- with osteoporosis treated with ralox- three-year longitudinal study. Calcif tomorphometric analysis of transiliac ifene: results from a 3-year random- Tissue Int biopsies. Grados F, Fardellone P, Benammar 15:754–762 of Raloxifene Evaluation (MORE) In- M, Muller C, Roux C, Sebert JL 15. JAMA 282:637–645 (1999) Influence of age and sex on ano K, Genant H (2002) A random- 25. Ferrar L, Jiang G, Barrington NA, vertebral shape indices assessed by ized trial of nasal spray salmon calci- Eastell R (2000) Identification of ver- radiographic morphometry. Osteo- tonin in postmenopausal women with tebral deformities in women: compar- poros Int 10:450–455 established osteoporosis: the Prevent ison of radiological assessment and 37. Greenspan SL, von Stetten E, Emond Recurrence of Osteoporotic Fractures quantitative morphometry using mor- SK, Jones L, Parker RA (2001) In- Study. Am J phometric radiography and morpho- stant vertebral assessment: a noninva- Med 109:267–276 metric X-ray absorptiometry. Cooper C (1997) The crippling conse- Miner Res 15:575–585 nique to avoid misclassification and quences of fractures and their impact 26. Ferrar L, Jiang G, Eastell R (2001) clinical mismanagement of osteoporo- on quality of life. J Clin Densitom 4:373–380 103:12S-17S; discussion 17S-19S metric X-ray absorptiometry for the 38. Crandall C (2002) Parathyroid hor- identification of vertebral deformities. TJ, et al (2002) Two-year results of mone for treatment of osteoporosis. Osteoporos Int 12:661–671 once-weekly administration of alen- Arch Intern Med 162:2297–2309 27. Finkelstein JS, Klibanski A, Arnold dronate 70mg for the treatment of 18. Cummings SR, Black DM, Thompson AL, Toth TL, Hornstein MD, Neer postmenopausal osteoporosis. J Bone DE, et al (1998) Effect of alendronate RM (1998) Prevention of estrogen de- Miner Res 17:1988–1996 on risk of fracture in women with low ficiency-related bone loss with human 39. Guermazi A, Mohr A, Grigorian M, bone density but without vertebral parathyroid hormone-(1–34): a ran- Taouli B, Genant HK (2002) Identifi- fractures: results from the Fracture In- domized controlled trial. Dawson-Hughes B, Harris SS, Krall (2003) Lack of diagnosis and treat- 40. Harris ST, Watts NB, Genant HK, et EA, Dallal GE (1997) Effect of cal- ment of osteoporosis in men and al (1999) Effects of risedronate treat- cium and vitamin D supplementation women after hip fracture. Pharma- ment on vertebral and nonvertebral on bone density in men and women cotherapy 23:190–198 fractures in women with postmeno- 65 years of age or older. Fujita T, Inoue T, Morii H, et al pausal osteoporosis: a randomized Med 337:670–676 (1999) Effect of an intermittent controlled trial. Delmas PD, Ensrud KE, Adachi JD, weekly dose of human parathyroid With Risedronate Therapy (VERT) et al (2002) Efficacy of raloxifene on hormone (1–34) on osteoporosis: a Study Group. JAMA 282:1344–1352 vertebral fracture risk reduction in randomized double-masked prospec- 41. Hasserius R, Karlsson MK, Nilsson postmenopausal women with osteo- tive study using three dose levels.

Antihistamines are the drugs of choice for treatment of allergic contact dermatitis and acute urticaria (a vascular reaction of the skin charac- Jane Morgan is admitted to the oncology unit for chemotherapy buy isoniazid 300 mg without a prescription medicine technology. Urticaria often occurs because the skin has cause allergic symptoms in some patients purchase 300 mg isoniazid otc medications ok for pregnancy, diphenhydramine many mast cells to release histamine. If ana- for use include drug-induced skin reactions, pruritus phylaxis developed in this client, would administering additional ani, and pruritus vulvae. With pruritus, oral • Assess every client for a potential hypersensitivity reac- cyproheptadine (Periactin) and hydroxyzine (Atarax) tion. For example, it is standard practice on first contact to are especially effective. The health care provider is likely to get more com- for nonallergic disorders, such as motion sickness, nau- plete information by asking clients about allergic reactions sea and vomiting (eg, promethazine, hydroxyzine; see to specific drugs (eg, antibiotics such as penicillin, local Chap. The active anesthetics) rather than asking if they are allergic to or ingredient in OTC sleep aids (eg, Compoz, Sominex) is cannot take any drugs. Antihistamines are also com- If a drug allergy is identified, ask about specific signs mon ingredients in OTC cold remedies (see Chap. With previous exposure and sensitization to the same or a simi- lar drug, immediate allergic reactions may occur. With a Contraindications to Use new drug, antibody formation and allergic reactions usu- ally require a week or longer. Most reactions appear within Antihistamines are contraindicated or must be used with cau- a month of starting a drug. In addition, evaluate all the drugs a client is taking as a potential cause of the reaction. This assess- ment may involve searching drug literature to see if the Nursing Process suspected drug is associated with allergic reactions and discussion with physicians and pharmacists. For the client with known antihistamines allergies, try to determine the factors that precipitate or • Deficient Knowledge: Safe and accurate drug use relieve allergic reactions and specific signs and symptoms • Deficient Knowledge: Strategies for minimizing exposure experienced during a reaction. For most people, a second- Planning/Goals generation drug is the first drug of choice. If costs are prohibitive for a • Experience relief of symptoms client, a first-generation drug may be used with mini- • Take antihistamines accurately mal daytime sedation if taken at bedtime or in low ini- • Avoid hazardous activities if sedated from antihistamines tial doses, with gradual increases over a week or two. Overall, safety should or other sedative drugs be the determining factor. Some studies have shown cognitive and performance impairment with the first- Interventions generation drugs even when the person does not feel • For clients with known allergies, assist in identifying and drowsy or impaired. If it is a • For treatment of acute allergic reactions, a rapid-acting drug allergy, encourage the client to carry a medical alert agent of short duration is preferred. A client may respond better to one antihistamine known to cause sedation. Thus, if one does not relieve symp- • Encourage a fluid intake of 2000 to 3000 mL daily, if not toms or produces excessive sedation, another may be contraindicated. Use in Children • For clients who have experienced an allergic or pseudo- allergic drug reaction, assist them in learning about the First-generation antihistamines (eg, diphenhydramine) may drug thought responsible (including the generic and com- cause drowsiness and decreased mental alertness in children as monly used trade names), suitable alternatives for future in adults. Young children may experience paradoxical excite- drug therapy, and potential sources of the drug. In Evaluation overdosage, hallucinations, convulsions, and death may occur. Close supervision and appropriate dosages are required for safe • Observe for relief of symptoms. Diphenhydramine is not recommended for use in new- • Interview and observe for excessive drowsiness. When used in young children, doses should be small because of drug effects on the brain and ner- vous system. Prevention of Histamine- The second-generation drugs vary in recommendations Releasing Reactions for use according to age groups. Syrup formula- When possible, avoiding exposure to known allergens can tions are available for use in younger children. If antihistamine therapy is re- may be used in children 5 years and older; fexofenadine may quired, it is more effective if started before exposure to aller- be used in children 6 years of age and older; and deslorata- gens because the drugs can then occupy receptor sites before dine may be used in children 12 years and older.

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