"S" Lock
Quick adjusting lever for Harris "S" Series bipods

Installation Instructions:


Remove the nut "A" in the front of the bipod using a 1/4" socket tool.

Unscrew the knurled nut "B" with your fingers

Picture 1
Picture 2 shows both nuts "A" and "B" removed from the assembly
Picture 2
  In the back of the bipod (Picture 3) you'll find the retaining pin "C", hold it in position with your finger
Picture 3

Install the "S" Lock spacer "D" (shown in picture 4) make sure the beveled side faces away from the bipod.

Screw the lever "E" turning clockwise until it is firm against the spacer "D" at this point you can let go of the retaining pin "C" from the back of the bipod (picture 3) make sure that it is seated properly

Picture 4
  Tighten the lever until it locks the swivel action of the bipod. Do not overtighten, doing so may strip the threads on the pivot rod.
Picture 5
The Lever "E" is spring loaded and it will engage/disengage the swivel mechanism when pulled away from the bipod assembly allowing it to losen or tighten the swivel tension.

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