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It is im- portant for the person with these symptoms to be evalu- Treatment ated by a professional who can weigh the possibility that his or her symptoms may have another cause cheap solian 50mg with amex medicine assistance programs. Approxi- The mainstay of treatment for a person with AD con- mately 20% of those originally suspected of having AD tinues to be the establishment of daily routines and good turn out to have some other disorder; about half of these nursing care generic 100 mg solian with visa medications varicose veins, providing both physical and emotional sup- cases are treatable. Modifications of the home to increase GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2 67 safety and security are often necessary. The caregiver also ies have shown that 2 g or 3 g of acetyl-L-carnitine daily needs support. Regular medical care by a practitioner slows the progression of AD, especially in patients who with a non-defeatist attitude toward AD is important so developed the disease before age 66. Side effects include increased appetite, body People with AD are also often depressed or anxious, odor, and rash. Studies from a nutritionist may be useful to provide healthy, on the effect, if any, of DHEA on AD are needed. Finger foods may be preferable to effects include acne, hair growth, irritability, insomnia, those requiring utensils to be eaten. Melatonin is a hormone that helps to A calm, structured environment with simple tools that regulate mood and sleep cycles. The effect of melatonin support orientation (like calendars and clocks) may re- treatment on AD is unknown but it may be beneficial in duce anxiety and increase safety. Side effects are drowsiness, Diet and supplements confusion, headache, decreased sex drive, and decreased DIET. There have been a few reports that a diet rich with Herbals and Chinese medicine fish improves mental function in patients with AD or de- mentia. Ginkgo, the extract from the Ginkgo bilo- showed greater improvement in mood and mental func- ba tree is the most commonly used herbal treatment for tion than patients on placebo. Several studies have been performed to test the ef- venting properties, red wine in moderation may be bene- fectiveness of ginkgo for treating AD. Studies have shown that AD patients that ginkgo is an effective treatment for patients with have lower blood levels of vitamin E than age matched mild to moderate AD. A large, two year study of moderately include headache, allergic skin reaction, and gastroin- affected AD patients found that taking 2,000 IU of vita- testinal disturbance. Ginkgo also decreases blood coagu- min E daily significantly delayed disease progression as lation. Individuals with coagulation or platelet disorders compared to patients taking placebo. This delay was should use extreme caution and consult a physician be- equivalent to that seen with patients taking the drug se- fore using ginkgo. Estrogens determine the effectiveness of thiamine (vitamin B1) on may prevent AD, therefore, phytoestrogens may have the AD have been carried out. Phytoestrogens are mainly found in soy three months have improved mental function and AD as- products. Side effects are nausea, muscle cramps, conflicting, some studies have found that AD patients vomiting, and diarrhea. Some studies have shown that cobalamin supple- mentation improves memory and mental function in AD Therapies patients whereas other studies have found no effect. Acetyl-L-carnitine is similar treating the depression, agitation, wandering, feelings of in structure to the neurotransmitter acetyl-choline. AD pa- 68 GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2 tients have benefited from listening to favorite music or knives, or weapons should be stored safely out of reach. Participation in a music The hot water heater temperature may be set lower to pre- therapy group was more effective at improving memory vent accidental scalding. A list of emergency numbers, and decreasing agitation than being part of a verbal (talk- including the poison control center and the hospital emer- ing) group. A wide variety of other therapies have been benefi- Care for the caregiver cial in the treatment of the psychologic symptoms of AD. These include: Family members or others caring for a person with • Light therapy in the evening to improve sleep cycle dis- AD have an extremely difficult and stressful job that be- turbances.

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Ireland has Recurrence risks a higher incidence of neural tube defects than many other Recurrence risks for multifactorial traits are based countries 100 mg solian for sale medications medicare covers. Most multifactorial traits have a Examples of multifactorial traits recurrence risk to first-degree relatives of 2-5% solian 50 mg with amex medicine quetiapine. However, empiric data for a specific condition may pro- Neural tube defects vide a more specific recurrence risk. Some general char- Neural tube defects are birth defects that result from acteristics about the recurrence risk of multifactorial the failure of part of the spinal column to close approxi- traits include: mately 28 days after conception. If the anterior (top) por- • The recurrence risk to first-degree relatives is increased tion of the neural tube fails to close, the most severe type above the general population risk for the trait, but the of neural tube defect called anencephaly results. People with spina • The recurrence risk increases proportionately to the bifida have varying degrees of paralysis, difficulty with number of affected individuals in the family. A person bowel and bladder control, and extra fluid in the brain with two affected relatives has a higher risk than some- called hydrocephalus. When hydrocephalus is present, surgery is needed risk to a relative of a person with a unilateral cleft lip is for shunt placement. Empiric data suggests • If the condition is more common in one sex, the recur- that the risk to first-degree relatives of a person with a rence risk for relatives is higher in the less affected sex. In GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS 761 addition, it is known that a form of vitamin B called folic Disease association studies acid can significantly reduce the chance for the occur- One method of studying the heritability of multifac- rence of a neural tube defect. Studies have shown that torial traits is to determine if a candidate gene is more when folic acid is taken at least three months prior to common in an affected population than in the general pregnancy and through the first trimester, the chance for population. This data suggests that one environmental factor in the occurrence Sibling pair studies of neural tube defects is maternal folate levels. However, Another type of study involves gathering many pairs some women who are not folate deficient have babies of siblings who are affected with a multifactorial trait. Other women who are Researchers try to identify polymorphisms common in folate deficient do not have babies with spinal openings. These polymorphisms can then be fur- The exact interplay of genetic and environmental factors ther analyzed. They can also study candidate genes in in the occurrence of neural tube defects is not yet clear. Studying individuals who are at the Studies are currently underway to identify genes involved extreme end of the affected range and are thought to have in the occurrence of neural tube defects. Type I is the Twin studies juvenile onset form that often begins in adolescence and Another approach is to study a trait of interest in requires insulin injections for control of blood sugar lev- twins. Non-identical twins have 50% of their genes in does not usually require insulin therapy. In multifactorial to be influenced by environmental factors and show traits, identical twins will be concordant for the trait sig- familial clustering. One way involved in the occurrence of diabetes include diet, viral to control for the influence of a similar environment on exposure in childhood, and certain drug exposures. An Linkage analysis and animal studies are also used to important susceptibility gene for type I diabetes has been study the heritability of conditions, although there are discovered on chromosome 6. The gene is called significant limitations to these approaches for multifacto- IDDM1. Studies in mice have indicated that there are probably 12-20 susceptibility Ethical concerns of testing genes for insulin dependent diabetes. IDDM1 is believed One of the goals of studying the genetic factors to have a strong effect and is modified by other suscepti- involved in multifactorial traits is to be able to counsel bility genes and environmental factors. However, Analysis of multifactorial conditions genetic testing for multifactorial traits is limited by the lack of understanding about how other genes and envi- Genetic studies of multifactorial traits are usually ronment interact with major susceptibility genes to cause more difficult than genetic studies of dominant or reces- disease. Often the attention of the amount of genetic contribution to the multifactorial trait media to certain genetic tests increases demand for the versus the amount of environmental contribution. For test, when the limitations of the test are not fully most multifactorial traits, it is not possible to perform a explained. Therefore, it is important for people to receive genetic test and determine if a person will be affected. Patients should consider the emotional determine the proportion of the phenotype due to genetic impact of both positive and negative test results. The inherited should understand that insurance and employment dis- portion of a multifactorial trait is called heritability. In addition, 762 GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS there may not be any treatment or lifestyle modification Description available for many multifactorial traits for which a The four forms of MEN are MEN1 (Wermer syn- genetic test is available.

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Cycloserine should Targeted tuberculin testing and treatment of latent in- be avoided in patients with psychiatric disorders buy generic solian 100 mg online symptoms insulin resistance. Centers For Disease Control and Pyrazinamide (A) is associated with a hepatic dys- Prevention MMWR 2000;49:1–54 quality solian 100mg medications 1 gram. Nearly all Updated Guidelines for the Use of Rifabutin or patients taking pyrazinamide develop hyper- Rifampin for the Treatment and Prevention of uricemia. Tuberculosis Among HIV-infected Patients Taking Aminosalicylic acid (B) is associated with GI intol- Protease Inhibitors or Non-nucleoside Reverse erance, especially acute bleeding, due to severe gas- Transcriptase Inhibitors. Rifampin (A) is known to induce certain Amatic and injection drug user, presents with a cytochrome P-450 enzymes and accelerates the cough, 10-lb weight loss, and general weakness. No genetic oral prednisone 20 mg per day and denies any drug predetermination is involved in this process. Upon examination, he appears to be Isoniazid (B) is acetylated to acetyl isoniazid by N- chronically ill with a low-grade temperature of acetyltransferase present in the liver. His physical examination produced population shows heterogenicity with regard to the benign findings except for bilateral rhonchi over the rate of acetylation. A presumptive diagnosis of pul- ratios of acetyl isoniazid to isoniazid than do slow monary tuberculosis is based on the history and the acetylators. This genetic determination is rarely appearance of right apical infiltrates on the chest ra- important clinically. Four-drug therapy with isoniazid, ri- deaminated by the microsomal drug metabolizing fampin, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol was ordered enzyme pyrazinamide deaminase to form pyrazinoic along with pyridoxine acid. There is no genetic predetermination for this supplements pending the final culture and suscep- process. Orally it is well absorbed and Metabolism of which ONE of the above- distributed, and about 15% is excreted in the form mentioned drugs is genetically predetermined? Viral cores can contain either DNA or RNA; thus, viruses may be classified as DNA viruses or Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites that use RNA viruses. Pathogenic RNA viruses in- clude arborviruses (tick-borne encephalitis, yellow fever); arenaviruses (Lassa fever, meningitis); or- Classification of Viruses thomyxoviruses (influenza); paramyxoviruses (measles, Viruses are composed of one or more strands of a nu- mumps); picornaviruses (polio, meningitis, colds); rhab- cleic acid (core) enclosed by a protein coat (capsid). Although the specific details of replication vary among Infection begins when specific receptor sites on the types of viruses, the overall process can be described as virus recognize corresponding surface proteins on the consisting of five phases: (1) attachment and penetra- host cell. The virus penetrates the host membrane by a tion, (2) uncoating, (3) synthesis of viral components, mechanism resembling endocytosis and is encapsulated (4) assembly of virus particles, and (5) release of the 1 Viral proteins: 3 5 Regulatory proteins 2 4 DNA polymerases and Viral mRNA other enzymes 6 Structural proteins Viral DNA 7 A 8 1 5 6 4 Viral 2 Viral mRNA proteins (+ sense) 3 Viral RNA cRNA (+ sense) (- sense) 7 Viral RNA (- sense) 8 B 9 KEY hemagglutinin M2 protein neuraminidase RNP core = 8 segments RNA + nucleoprotein FIGURE 50. Fusion of the viral envelope with the endosomes membrane, dissociation of the RNP complex, and entry of viral RNA into the nucleus. Next, the chemotherapy of viruses is finding a drug that is se- the protein coat dissociates and releases the viral lectively toxic to the virus. Following the release of its genome, the virus This chapter focuses on agents used to combat non- synthesizes nucleic acids and proteins in sequence. Detailed information on drugs DNA viruses, the first genes to be transcribed are the im- used to treat HIV is found in Chapter 51. These genes code for regulatory proteins that in turn initiate the transcription of the early genes responsible for viral genome replication. After the ANTIHERPESVIRUS AGENTS viral DNA is replicated, the late genes are transcribed and translated, producing proteins required for the assembly The following drugs are used primarily in the treatment of the new virions. The retroviruses genital herpes; varicella zoster virus (VZV), which pro- use viral reverse transcriptase enzymes to produce DNA duces chickenpox and shingles; Epstein-Barr virus using viral RNA as a template. The newly synthesized (EBV), which is the major cause of infectious mononu- DNA integrates into the host genome and is transcribed cleosis; and cytomegalovirus (CMV), which can produce into mRNA and genomic RNA for progeny virions. In certain viruses, such as the poxviruses, multiple mem- Acyclovir (Zovirax) is a guanine nucleoside analogue branes surround the capsid. Release of the virus from most effective against HSV-1 and HSV-2, but it has the host cell may be rapid and produce cell lysis and some activity against VCV, CMV, and EBV. Next, host Overview of Antiviral Therapy cell enzymes convert the monophosphate to the diphos- Three basic approaches are used to control viral dis- phate and then to the active compound, acyclovir eases: vaccination, antiviral chemotherapy, and stimula- triphosphate. Vaccination has been greater affinity for acyclovir triphosphate than does used successfully to prevent measles, rubella, mumps, mammalian thymidine kinase, acyclovir triphosphate ac- poliomyelitis, yellow fever, smallpox, chickenpox, and cumulates only in virus-infected cells. Unfortunately, the usefulness of vaccines ap- The active metabolite of acyclovir inhibits her- pears to be limited when many stereotypes are involved pesvirus DNA replication in two ways. Furthermore, vaccines have lit- phate acts as a competitive inhibitor for the incorpora- tle or no use once the infection has been established be- tion of deoxyguanosine triphosphate (dGTP) into the cause they cannot prevent the spread of active infections viral DNA. Intramuscular preparations of im- to an acyclovir-terminated DNA chain and is unavailable mune globulin may be used to prevent infection follow- for further replicative activity.

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