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You can attach a bipod to an MLok® handguard using an adapter.
Either the MLBA adapter or the rotating MLRA adapter.

You can attach a bipod to a KeyMod™ handguard with an adapter.
Either the KMBA adapter or the rotating KMRA adapter.

No, you can purchase an adapter for a Picatinny Rail, and you can use your current bipod.
There are few adapters to choose from:
PRA, RBA-1 (quick detach), RBA-2 (non-quick detach)

BR – 6 to 9 inches
L – 9 to 13 inches
M – Notched legs (1-inch increments)
S – Swivel (Tilt) for leveling on uneven ground.
2 – Self Leveling legs
P – attaches to Picatinny Rail.
25 – 12 to 25 inches in height
25C – 13 ½ to 27 inches in height
H – 13 ½ to 27 inches in height

Example: S-BRM – extends 6 to 9 inches with notched legs and swivels.

No, the bipod does not rotate (follow your target).

Your bipod can rotate by using the appropriate adapter: RBA-1, RBA-2, RBA-3, MLRA or KMRA (depending on your hand guard)

RBA-1 is a quick detach rotating adapter for a Picatinny Rail.
RBA-2 is a non-quick detach rotating adapter for a Picatinny Rail. (Clamps on)
RBA-3 is a rotating adapter which attaches to the sling swivel stud.
MLRA is a rotating adapter which is for a M-Lok® handguard.
KMRA is a rotating adapter which is for a KeyMod™ handguard.

The bipod should be attached with the legs facing/folding forward (toward the muzzle)


For issues with a BIPOD only (for parts and warranty work), please contact the manufacturer – Harris Engineering Inc. harriseng@brtc.net for repair.

If you have any warranty questions about MIM adapters or combos , please email us at info@mim-mfg.com

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